China’s top ten brands

as long as the home improvement, I believe that the floor tiles brand will not be unfamiliar, after all, it is a very important aspect of home improvement. In short, there are many aspects involved in Home Furnishing decoration, in order to ensure the quality of the decoration, we must Qingliqingwei, involved in the decoration process, whether it is to coordinate the work floor or furniture customization or various types of work, are all we need to personally integrate. A lot of friends for the knowledge of the floor tiles brand is not very understanding, today, let Xiaobian simple for everyone to introduce the ten major domestic brands list, a look at it!

domestic tiles ten brands list: Marco Polo

choose a good floor tiles for home improvement is very important, Marco Polo is one of the ten major brands of tiles, but also a well-known brand of China’s ceramic industry, the brand in the creation of 1996. The antique tiles of the brand enjoy the highest reputation of antique brick, is the preferred brand of many home improvement.

domestic tiles ten brands list two: Dongpeng

ten floor brick brand in Dongpeng tile, belonging to the Guangdong Dongpeng Limited by Share Ltd, with advanced design concepts quickly occupied the domestic market, with the development of diversified types Dongpeng tiles more.

domestic tile ten brands list: Nobel

Hangzhou Nobel group was founded in 1992, in line with the tile decoration industry to promote the development of Chinese concept, Chinese rapidly in growth, is now Chinese tile ten brands, one of the trusted consumer brands, is also very popular in favor of tile brand.

domestic tile ten brands list: Monalisa

the company was founded in 1998, the full use of the time and the advantages of advanced production technology, quickly occupy a space for one person in the domestic market, with the unique shape features have many young friends.

domestic tiles ten brands list five: Guanzhu

Guanzhu brand belongs to Guangdong newpearl Ceramics Group Co. Ltd., is one of the ten major China tile brand, although established, but with its own product quality and production technology to quickly become bigger and stronger, has always been a leader in tile brand, the brand is an important consideration when you buy tiles.

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