How much does it cost to invest in a hot pot restaurant in Chaotianmen

in the food and beverage industry is the most common form of franchising, namely the form of franchise. The China catering market is the most popular form of food and beverage is Hot pot store, the Hot pot shop, the different Hot pot business model allows us to see the Hot pot demand, today Xiaobian to introduce is a development for eighty years, Hot pot brand — Chaotianmen Hot pot

Hot pot "Chaotianmen" brand began in 1935, due to historical reasons in the early 50s business interruption. Early 90s, Chaotianmen hot pot to resume operations. The beginning of reform and opening up, Chaotianmen the implementation of brand management of Chaotianmen Hot pot growing, 2004 Chaotianmen catering headquarters was set up to the enterprise, group management mode, 2007 Chaotianmen brand franchise qualification, officially launched a nationwide chain operation in 2013, upgraded to "Chaotianmen holding group". At present, the group owns four subsidiary companies: Chongqing City Union Catering Management Limited, Chongqing Sheng Pu catering Investment Co. Ltd., Chongqing Chongqing City Flavor Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yun Huijia Trading Co. Ltd.; three subsidiaries: Chongqing Pu Ji Catering Management Company Limited, Chongqing nine Park Catering Management Company Limited, Chongqing Chun Wu Li enterprise management limited. The realization of brand industrialization and group management.

as of now, Chaotianmen’s food and beverage brands in the country and overseas has more than and 500 chain stores. In Guangdong, Hubei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places have set up a branch, and built a product development base, talent training base, trade sales company, logistics distribution center, operating model shop etc. perfect operation support system.

how much does it cost to invest in a Chaotianmen hot pot restaurant?

Chaotianmen hot pot restaurant franchise fee

joined Chaotianmen, and join the shop according to different areas, the general investment total fund is about 2000 yuan per square. (not included in the rent).

Chaotianmen does not provide financial support, funding problems can be resolved through share sharing and credit institutions.

according to the basic requirements of Chaotianmen, according to the franchise area, margin 2-3 million yuan. The amount of the franchise in the absence of breach of contract, after the expiration of the contract, the full return to the franchisee without interest.

intention to join in order to ensure that the intention to join the effective deposit. In order to make the headquarters of the work effectively, the franchisee needs to pay the deposit after the headquarters began to do a practical investigation of the franchise.

, such as site selection and market evaluation of the success of the intention to join the transfer of gold into part of the fee.