How to open a supermarket in the countryside

talking about entrepreneurship shop, although it has become a trend in the development of the current supermarket, but there are also many difficulties, but also need to do a full analysis of the operators, ready to do. As a convenience supermarket, is not new in china. Since the China opening of retail industry, all businesses have vied for the one or two level market, with competitive upgrade, businesses adhere to the "city of battle" at the same time, have been transferred to the "rural guerrilla warfare".

Jiang Ming, Secretary General of the China Federation of Commerce,

believes that the potential of the rural market is huge, can account for 40% of the share of consumption, the country has the relevant policies to actively encourage and support. Farm shop. Development". For example: Jiangsu Suguo Supermarket Co., the company has opened more than and 980 supermarkets in the town; Wuhan city Wuhan Zhongbai supermarket chain corporation for starting the franchise, the chain operation, unified distribution and so on the transformation of the county and township level small department stores and grocery stores. From the city to the community at large supermarkets to rural small supermarket supermarket, convenience supermarkets blossom everywhere. So the supermarket should be particularly cautious.

supermarket in the township, the first to consider the level of local consumption, the purchasing power of the consumer groups, according to the size of your funds to determine the supermarket. The next is the supermarket site selection, supermarket renovation, purchase shelves, product purchase, etc.. Generally open a 60-100 square meters of small supermarket funds need to be around 15-20 million.

purchase there are three ways: if it is a relatively large supermarket, usually as long as the shop, there will be a supplier to provide the initiative to supply. In the township to open a small supermarket, shop at the beginning of this supplier to come to the situation is not much. Therefore, you can go to the county to find out about some of the supermarket, a commodity to sell good and bad, and get the supplier’s phone.

there is another way, you go to the largest local supermarket, find their delivery port, and then find the delivery of suppliers. Usually to the big business super delivery business, basically the general agent or manufacturer. The initiative to the door, usually two or three wholesalers. And when all the suppliers, must remember, if a commodity slow-moving or expired or damaged, must let the supplier give you change this to the product into the store when you press the first supplier into the money, so, you will reduce the loss. Of course, it also depends on the size and location of your store. The more you have the advantage, the more benefits you get.

Third methods of

, you can go to the wholesale market for their distribution, and leave your telephone number and address, as long as you have the supermarket sales, after the goods will be automatically sent to your door.

Township supermarket, because the flow is not particularly large, the purchase amount is relatively small, if coupled with the transport costs, will directly affect the profits of goods. This is also a point to consider. Therefore, in the time of purchase should also consider the following