Beauty salon to enhance the popularity of several ways

in the process of doing business, is almost a popular vocabulary, each of us will often hear the same at the same time, now no matter what business, in fact need to gather more popular, we can finally achieve the goal of getting rich.


promotion card

two discount promotions:

The two word is

Three Promotions: free

discount with similar in nature, but "free" temptation "discount" is much larger than. An established fact, if the beauty salon in front of the "free" these two characters, from the front of the customer, even if the last did not enter the shop, but it will definitely look at our beauty salon. Some consumers see more customers in the salon, but also because of the atmosphere and into the shop.

four promotions: integral

five times:

promotionsRoughly the same method of using


promotion activities


lottery promotion

sweepstakes in the customer, when the customer into the store consumption reached number, to get a lucky draw. While the prize can be eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and other small pieces. Let the customer recommended