Bra top ten brands list

in a variety of women’s clothing, although the size of the bra is not large, but it has a significant role, has always been a lack of clothing. In a word, as a female bra most close fitting clothing, its quality can not be ignored, modern women also very exquisite bra brands, diversified and personalized become the slogan of the modern bra, bring greater consumption potential for women’s underwear market in china. What brand of bra is better? Do not know if the following along with the small series to recognize the top ten bra brands list.

bra ten brands list NO.1, Ttiumph (Ttiumph was founded in 1886 was founded in Germany, is one of the international underwear enterprises. Its products are: magic bra, T-shirt bra, bra, skin, FashionStyle and BeeDee sound Jiao series of girls’ underwear, all products are designed, exquisite workmanship, comfortable wearing, won the world women’s favorite).

bra top ten brand NO.2, love Aimer (love is a professional underwear brand, headquartered in Beijing. The brand was founded in 1993, the current sales outlets throughout the country’s major cities, sales performance in the forefront of the underwear industry. Headquartered in Beijing, Zhongguancun Electronic City, Wangjing Science Park Group

bra ten brands list, and NO.3 (Shanghai ancient Underwear Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai bustling commercial street — elegant Huaihai Road Golden area, founded in 40s, is a Ministry of internal trade has been certified as "China Time-honored" well-known enterprises.)

bra ten brands list NO.4, maniform (maniform 1996 officially listed in Beijing, is the first brand of underwear, Hui Jie group was founded in 1999 to Chinese maniform the traditional festivals and folk customs will combine "dragon and phoenix" this Chinese unique national culture into the design of underwear.)

bra ten brands list NO.5, Embry (Embry was founded in 1975 in Hongkong underwear brand, product design, exquisite fashion. Over the years, Embry "provides the requirements, create value, harmony, efficiency, the pursuit of excellence, world without end" of the enterprise mission, to produce a number of high quality underwear products, its products include bra, underwear, tights, swimwear, sleepwear, clothes, pants, socks rhyme underwear, nursing pregnant women underwear, especially the female love and welcome).

bra ten brands list NO.6, Wacoal (famous Japanese brand, founded in 1949, began to enter China in 1986). Wacoal attaches great importance to human scientific research, through the collection of a large number of Japan, Taiwan, mainland women body data, so that the product becomes the most suitable