Dream of becoming rich grassroots micro business

is now talking about micro business, a lot of people think that these people earn 10000 yuan is an easy thing. Regardless of the information we have in the end is true or false, but in the current environment, a lot of grassroots micro businesses who dream of becoming rich, not only need to work hard, and even saddled with a huge debt.

micro business from mask to beauty products, health care products, from birth to two years time is lonely. These two years, rich once scraper, continue to impact public nerve.

But after

, from April this year, the media collective shelling of circle of friends cooked, micro business no longer.

Internet really subvert the traditional industry, played a "revolutionary" role, but in the field of micro business, once Demons and monsters danced like mad. chaos. Today, the level of dynamic sales model, faced with the outcome of the decline, relying on the development of agents to make money regardless of product marketing, has been proved by the market: this game must not play. Many traditional micro business began to stand at the crossroads of transition, waiting for them will be what?

at least half a year ago, the micro quotient of the rich myth was also shocked everyone. Now micro business suffered a major defeat, let many people become the huge Pyramid bottom "cannon".

recently, in the micro business industry veteran of more than one year in small, to share her once the entrepreneurial dream to reporters".


dream": the group sun sellers


small micro business contact in time is not early, in November 2014, was like a mask that everyone loves money machine, a month will be able to open a luxury car, buy a villa story blossom everywhere, derivative as many grassroots for occupation.

in this way, according to the small search on the network at the time of the most famous micro business, and joined one of the group claiming to be a proxy for the brand. The main group of small Yang claiming to be the agent of the mask product, small in after the group purchase of 10 boxes of mask can be obtained WeChat group training opportunities, buy 20 boxes to become two agents, the company group of the qualifications obtained.

every night at 7, the small Yang will be in the group voice lecture, the main content is the mask products and sales skills, class about 40 minutes.

according to understand, Xiao Yang began selling mask from June 2014, is now the total generation of a popular brand, which is in addition to manufacturers outside she is NO.1, so took the price is competitive, manufacturers guide price of more than 50% cheaper than.

small Yang every night in her day’s victories in the group, on the transfer amount to hundreds of thousands of yuan