Analysis of the top 10 venture projects in 2012

is now very much on TV, a variety of entrepreneurial projects on the Internet, but not all are suitable for venture investment to join at any time, so today the business network Xiaobian for you about 2012 the most profitable venture is what 10. Now, the most popular investment industry can be seen as a machine made rich, if you do not see eye to find, then there is no aspirations to peak moneybags, this is a shortcut to the head.

the ten most popular investment industry infant supplies industry

from market data analysis: China’s city of neonatal supplies family average monthly consumption of 900 yuan. Now what industry do well, coupled with the vast number of rural areas in the city of infant consumption, China’s infant supplies market will be more than 100 billion yuan a year market size. Now what the industry do? How much infant supplies market is? According to the fifth census statistics bulletin issued by the China annually, 16 million newborn babies, infants aged 0~3 about 69 million, of which the number of city infants aged 0~3 over 10 million, equivalent to the total population of Australia Leah.

the ten most popular investment industry Jiezhuang industry

the ten most popular investment industry wedding industry