Greg couple to build the kingdom of wine

heard the kingdom of wine, these words, a lot of people will certainly be confused, there is such a kingdom, it is to provide what services? Do not worry, and let Xiaobian take you to know the couple Greg wine Kingdom, to see how they are successful business.

in an open house event, Greg had to use a towel on the glass cover, prevent the bouquet attract insects fall in, but the two time almost knocked over the glass. He and his wife, or his partner Renee, were all very want to have more chic than dirty coasters or soggy paper towels on the glass cover.

the two Wine lovers have the idea in 2008, but after a year without hesitation, to determine whether during the financial crisis they deposit into here. In 2009 they decided to move, take out $25 thousand from their pockets, and then officially opened in February 2011.