Nanjing a man fictitious real estate actually let 6 people fooled

house is everyone’s concern in life, don’t look at high prices to buy a lot of time, but many people are still racking their brains to go! Recently, Nanjing Xuanwu police arrested the suspect fraud Wei, he from the beginning of 2015 to 2016 of December, fictitious real estate sales, the 6 victims were fooled around. 2014, Wei in Nanjing, a catering company, usually like to boast. He called home in Nanjing Banqiao, demolition because they have a classmate to do the demolition, to give him more than just the area, so much a dozen houses. With the soaring property prices in Nanjing, some colleagues are jealous, they privately asked wie, can help buyers.

found this demand, Wei will move from the crooked brains." Meiyuan Village police station police Zhang Bufang said, 2015 1 to February, when Wei leaders find the express desire to purchase, wie paizhexiongfu guarantee, can get a house for leadership, price of 300 thousand yuan lower than the market price. At that time, Wei and the leadership signed a purchase contract, the leadership will be the first payment of 50 thousand yuan to fight the Wei, and then continue to fight Wei $about one hundred thousand.

opened the head, wie began to accept a number of colleagues around to buy a house.

so, only by Wei a mouth, how do you believe he has a room? Wei own way. He found a real estate agency, claiming to be a director of the company, to buy a house with the company’s staff, so that the key to the intermediary showings." Zhang Bufang said, intermediary see wie style, gave him for gospel truth, house keys. After getting the key, Wei will take the victim to the house, so that they believe they really have such a house.

with the passage of time, many victims cuiyao real estate. In order to muddle through, wie a third character. He pulled up a group, make yourself posing as lawyers, do talk to the students in the group. "Lawyer" said he was to help Wei to take care of the property, and now these houses are run by him in the relevant procedures; and the demolition of the students to send the house photos, construction progress, etc.. See this, the victim will no longer doubt.

to 2016, in May and June, Wei also made a bulk SMS platform, posing as a real estate bureau to send a text message to the victim, saying that their property is handling property rights. Wei also forged their own real estate license and other documents, continue to deceive the victim.

this event is also given to the vast number of consumers to buy a warning, when buying a house must improve their vigilance! Until December 27, 2016, one of the victims of a high to the real estate bureau after the inquiry found that he did not buy a house in the name of Wei, which was found fooled, immediately alarm. Second days, plum village police station in Jiangning will be Wie captured. Upon examination, Wei Jian