What are the risks of menu printing business

although the menu printing business opportunities such as this seems very feasible in the current market, there will be a very good business big market. However, there is a risk of any venture, such an entrepreneurial same. So, what are the risks of the menu printing business?

investment risk

1, a lot of low and middle grade restaurants may not need (or think they do not need) such a high-end menu, which requires a certain degree of bargaining power.

2, some of the high-end food and beverage or other industries have a stable printing channels (general chain enterprises have their own production company).

3, recipes printing requires a certain amount of design knowledge, in the early stages of production to pay a certain cost of learning.

4, the project requires investors to have a certain degree of sales ability, the need to find the owner to promote communication.

5, this project has already entered the enterprise in many cities, you need to face competition.

Where is the


the actual market is in the catering industry to replace the menu link. At present, the fierce competition of catering enterprises is an indisputable fact, so the catering enterprises are need to update the dishes in a period of time, but once the update dishes you will need to update the menu, otherwise it will cause the customer order is not convenient. According to this reporter’s field interviews to Beijing, Tianjin and other places, for example, a medium sized restaurant about a year to replace the 3-4 recipes, and each time the volume of printing will not be less than 10.

what about the size of these three restaurants? According to incomplete statistics, the total amount of more than 5. If you count on other restaurants, the total will be higher, the market capacity is considerable. According to incomplete statistics authority, the annual consumption of this market is not less than 20 billion yuan!

entry threshold is not high in the end?

according to this reporter investigation, before the threshold of this market is higher. Because it requires high production capacity of investors, if not the United States and the basic typesetting relates to the business, and if investors get the hire business, labor costs only monthly to over 10000, is not worthwhile.

and the business has changed the situation:


1. software has powerful function, simple production, only a junior high school culture, people will be able to operate, while the traditional printed recipes must be made by people who can understand the art.

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