Jiangsu Pengcheng fish how to join


Jiangsu Pengcheng fish? Chinese traditional food, it is worth choosing. Jiangsu Pengcheng fish is good? Delicious taste, excellent taste. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business choice.

Jiangsu Pengcheng fish join what is the cost?

Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Xuzhou Panda Restaurant brand shop, the disciples of Li Zichang had a carp four dishes: fish, fish, Yinzhu vinegar flavored fish keel, clothes. Which is the best "silver fish". The Qing Dynasty scholar Li pan in the store tasting this dish of his poems, Chan said: "out of many kinds of silver carp, keel belly bound, floating sea Prince clothes, scimitar nylon have sweet and sour soup dishes, enchant Qianzai Yao Tai Xian, Mao Sui legacy left." When Kang Youwei was in Xuzhou. Chef Zhai Shiqing also cooked fish taste after Kang Yinzhu dedication, but his joint title: "Pengcheng fish smell when you long Chiyue and reputation". Since then, silver fish renamed "Pengcheng fish", as a representative of Jiangsu China in eight cuisine.

on behalf of the Pengcheng Jiangsu fish practice:

material: carp (1000 grams) accessories: fat (50 grams) fans (50 grams) rape (40 grams) and ham (25 grams) letinous edodes (fresh) (25 grams) egg (80 grams) seasoning: salt (8 grams) of wine (50 grams) of MSG onion (2 grams) (20 grams) and ginger (20 grams) of starch (Vicia) (25 grams) of lard (refining) (60 grams) of sesame oil (15 grams) the cuisine

Pengcheng fish production steps

1. fan water soaking wash, cooked ham, onions, ginger, sliced slices, 10 grams of onion, ginger add appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, mash dregs juice standby.

2. rape choose clean, boiled, standby; letinous edodes stalks, wash, slice; carp will clean and cut off the head and tail, take about 300 grams of meat.

3. wash the fish with fat pork chop with mud; add egg, onion ginger juice, salt 5 grams, 300 ml of chicken broth, stir into paste.

Join the fan

4. in egg white paste (chopped), 5 grams of cooking wine, dry starch, tune into powder paste; the fish head and tail. After washed, boiled water add salt amount, 5 grams of scallion, ginger 5 grams, 30 grams of cooking wine, steaming.

5. will make a big fish paste Guangxi round; to set the fire pot, add cold water, put the fish into the cold water pot boil.

6. to be boiling water, fish cooked.