Mobile payment platform to pay the box to help students out of the entrepreneurial dilemma

innovation and entrepreneurship policy, not only to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, but also for college students to provide a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs to provide a very good platform.

by "public entrepreneurship, innovation" boom, university graduates have begun to take shape, more and more college students choose flexible employment or self employment.

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The evaluation report

for the investigation has pioneering entrepreneurship of college students facing difficulties are found, there are 44.2% business students that lack of market channels, are the main difficulties they face in the process of entrepreneurship, 41.3% of that is lack of contacts, 38.5% considered the lack of technology, there are 37.2% that is lack of professional knowledge, marketing management 37.1%, that is 20.9% that is the lack of funds, lack of team, 16.4% believe that the lack of space.

in the background and trend of the business, the leading domestic small and micro businesses to ecological service provider payment box to actively adjust the company strategy, since 2015 creatively put forward to build a comprehensive open mobile business platform, including service efficient graduates, the majority of entrepreneurs.

the payment box "mobile business" is based on the mobile terminal platform, resource platform and business platform with the combination of a business model, through the full range of open hardware, services, channels, businesses, reduce business costs, expand the entrepreneurial path, accelerate business success.

"mobile payment business platform" in the box, entrepreneurs will be able to achieve the real "zero threshold" Entrepreneurship: no team, no space, without a large venture capital, without professional marketing and management knowledge, any mobile intelligent terminal users can easily start in the mobile business platform, and enjoy the open hardware equipment, technical interfaces, channels and business resources etc.. For the experience and social resources are insufficient college students, it is a starting point for an easy start.

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