Open a snack bar easy to make money

a small snack shop, shop area is not, are some snacks, however, as long as a good business, money can become very easy. Mr. Zhang opened this is called the taste of the snack bar, located in the office of Shanghai more concentrated place. In less than 20 square meters of space, Mr. Zhang will own a very busy snack shop.

Mr. Zhang from Jiangxi. He said, a few years to come to Shanghai to work, had turned the idea. At that time, with many people in Shanghai, found that they, especially women and children, are very fond of eating snacks. So, Mr. Zhang had the idea of opening a special snack bar.

Zhang said that the current snacks are no longer exclusive to children, it has been loved by people of all ages. Snack food is no longer in the past that popcorn, peanuts, melon seeds, beans dominate, but derived from a variety of many kinds of products. In addition to the traditional snacks, added chocolate, puffed Cereals, nuts, fried potato chips, corn, sugar, fruit, jelly, cakes, convenient meat products, ice cream and cold.

in this taste small snack shop, as many as hundreds of types of goods, involving more than and 20 vendors. Mr. Zhang said, he generally every two months to get goods manufacturers.

at the same time, Mr. Zhang also asked the clerk to treat every customer with enthusiastic service attitude, customer satisfaction, a natural ten, ten hundred, a good reputation is established.

study consumer psychology

operation for nearly 2 years the snack shop, Mr. Zhang summed up some of their own experience: snack food is the staple food supplement outside, meet is all some mouth people, so be sure to taste from repeated efforts to do the test. The more strange snacks, the more people buy. Snacks are mostly women and children, they have a strong curiosity, especially on the product, taste diversity, unique requirements are very high, so in the time of purchase, especially for women and children’s consumption psychology to choose.

secondly, the good packaging is a magic weapon to stimulate the desire to buy. Women and children are more sensitive to color. Exquisite packaging, can increase the added value of the product, so that the product appears to be worth.

, in addition, a product life cycle is shorter, so, the snack shop as much as possible to launch some of the market potential of new products, to meet the needs of the product changes to meet the needs of consumers and change the new psychology.

finally, use holidays to expand market share, is a very good way of selling. Although there is no seasonal consumption of snacks, but the peak of the sale or the relative concentration of the Spring Festival is around, five >