What are the details of the restaurant operation

is a warm blooded animal, so people are emotional animal, life because of emotional ties, will get a meaningful life. The catering industry is a service industry, the details in the catering industry is particularly important, the consumer into the store every customer feel for your shop impression depends on you for the customer details are in place, a small detail, can let the guests heart, only seize the guests heart. How to make the guests moved?

restaurant operators to move the details of what

1, dining guests in the presence of foreign friends, we should take the initiative to ask whether the knife and fork, because not all foreigners will use chopsticks.

2, serving to move out of first place and then serving, and consider the next dish serving position; peas, tofu dishes with spoon to; with seasoning dishes, should take the seasoning, the dishes after, the purpose is to tell the guests to the seasoning is used in this dish on; when serving, to remind guests attention, avoid to get onto customer sauce; take tableware or beverage to use the tray.

Whether there is tea or drinks and promptly fill

3, always pay attention to the guests the teapot, drinks the cup, it will not only improve the beverage sales, but also to avoid a toast for the guest when no drinks in the cup and the embarrassment.

To carefully check their responsible area before meal preparation would be

4, business, including health, tableware, tea, boiling water, vinegar sauce, cylinder toothpicks etc.. It’s like finish the exam after carefully check the examination papers.

5, fried chicken franchise management personnel should implement management by walking around in the business, to keep the working area in his tour, see the service is in place, whether the ashtray, bone plate needs to be replaced, whether it has all other dishes. The value of Taiwan on or tour process but also pay attention to the guest’s expression, action, if there are guests look around, to take the initiative to inquiry if you need help.

6, in the use of goods should be insisted on where to take things back to where, who borrowed the thing back to who the principle, and to allow employees to keep in mind the location of the Department of goods appliances.

7, let the staff to develop the habit of checking equipment every day, if found to report the damage to the supervisor or engineering department.

8, for the guests to pour good drink wine, to take the cup, the guests said no longer drinking, close to the glass, and poured drinks or tea. These simple actions, sometimes can bring greater beverage sales to the hotel.

9, daily floor accident