The most recommended snack brands

in the past 2016 years, the development of the snack industry, the future of the snack industry, we must have a number of hearts. This year, some snacks to join the brand of the city popular trend, the snack bar began to occupy the market, whether you are going to have one of your own brand of snack shop? So, what projects to join the most profitable? Four snack food franchise chain project this year is the fire, choose snacks catering to join the first project:

the most popular snack brand recommended

1, Miao Miao

wonderful pill classic dishes originally called "small octopus Octopus", originated in Japan, Osaka, known as the characteristics of crisp skin and tender meat, delicious snacks, is known to every family quintessence. Octopus dates back to the founder is a famous Japanese Taisho Era, gourmet. In 1935, Mr. octopus and trial Korea food as a raw material, and put in a special sauce fried in batter to burn, then brush the secret sauce, salad sauce and fish, such as the birth of the world’s first "octopus". After "octopus", because the delicious taste was popular, and soon spread throughout the country, through continuous improvement and development for nearly a century, is still delicious and inexpensive everyone’s favorite snacks.

2, Joe Club ribs package

Joe Club ribs large package, on-site processing ribs, on-site production, transparent process, customer trust, unique taste, customer sought after. Not only large variety of fillings, and developed Steamed Jiaozi, fried, soup dumplings and bag series, more nutritious congee collocation, rice, noodles and soup nutrition series, not only the nutritional needs for the elderly children, more suitable for white-collar workers for health and fast requirements. Joe master strictly selected for large ribs flour and stuffing ingredients, nutritional diet recipes secret, so that every diners are nourishing to enjoy the same delicious. The production process is more environmentally friendly, each process are strictly refined, so that the absolute standardization.


3, remember squid squid


– remember stone squid squid, after ten years of experience in catering, catering to the pursuit of health, the formation of excellent taste. The processing method, especially the double heating, grilled meat can help retain the gravy, taste particularly tender, with a dip in the headquarters of the original to create a new taste perfect, this is any other kind of barbecue can imitate the company specifically looking for factory production of the volcano stone pan at present, using the most advanced technology, so that the baked meat taste better, the color is more consistent with the psychological expectations of guests. Taste more pure, more satisfied with customers, is a good recipe for the restaurant. Make it easier for investors to operate and get high returns.