Fruit shop to pay attention to what small problems

is now a lot of people to start a business is a copy of the trend, to see what others are doing, what they do, leading to competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is more difficult to succeed. In fact, if you notice enough small problems before starting a business, it will make the success of your career more simple. So, the fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems?

1, get up early every day at least 4 points to the wholesale market purchase, late sells goods are picked up;

2, fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems? Pay attention to the appearance of the fruit and the price to be too much taste, most people on the fruit price positioning is very limited, expensive no one to buy;

3, the opening of the first two months must do sales data analysis, each region’s preference for fruit is different, more into some popular products;

4, fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems? To buy a supermarket to use the refrigerator, the fruit is easy to corrosion, which is about 20 thousand or so, the rational use of summer do not have to install air conditioning;

5, employment is a big problem, what you want to attract workers.

6, competitors. Fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems? It is best to find a nearby walk within 15 minutes without a large supermarket, there is no market, there is no fruit store in the large enough area of the store.

7, capital. Pay attention to your cash flow. Tens of millions, 10 million, do not let their cash flow dried up, no matter what time do not put all of their own liquidity into the pool of goods to go. Leave at least ten percent of current assets, to prepare for possible period of want or need.

8, weather. Fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems? Fruit producing areas of the weather changes have a great impact on the price of fruit, prior to the weather can be expected to predict the price of some fruit market volatility, which is helpful to avoid risks and profitability.

9, market research. Different regions have different needs for fruit taste, I believe that a complete market survey before the shop will be of great help to you. At least include but not limited to the following:

near the people’s spending habits in the fruit category II sites the local fruit market, the flow of people and the local preferential policies of local fruit industry near the fruit wholesale market position and characteristics of the local operators and other fruit characteristics of potential market size (such as you in this area of how many people will buy a weekly fruit) and local consumers for the provinces, the ability to accept exotic fruits (this is important! Don’t try to introduce new fruit varieties in an unfamiliar market! May lose everything!)