4 ways to stifle Entrepreneurship

enterprise is a complex process, there are many that we need to consider the issue of the entrepreneurial process, one not careful, one does not pay attention to, we may bring bad consequences, will stifle our business, let us look at the 4 practices stifle entrepreneurship!

is too dependent on past experience, to refuse to change

The capital operation strategy of

The ability to judge

general understanding, but also to do next. Only listen to the views of a financial adviser may be contrary to the interests of enterprises to maximize. Because the financial adviser is a specialty. For example, my specialty is to be listed in the United States, if I recommend to you somewhere else, my job will not.

entrepreneurship not only know what to do today, don’t know what to do tomorrow. Long term development strategy is in a state of chaos, you can not give directions to employees.

is only suitable for smooth, adhere to the lack of determination and perseverance

we voted in a company, do biological drugs. In the past ten years, it has no income. But it stuck. The same kind of medicine in the United States, sold $7 billion 800 million last year, and we made the drug, the price can be cheaper by half. This success is a big success, but if there is no fighting spirit, the company would not go dry.