Salesman needs to avoid these mistakes

salesman is a very professional exercise, the pressure is very large, most people are unable to withstand the pressure and give up halfway. To become a good salesman, first of all to avoid the following error:

1,   do not really understand what is marketing? Do not understand what marketing (do not know what to sell products to customers)?

2,   fear of failure, fear of rejection, not to accept the rejection, lack of self-confidence, passion is not enough, there are discouraged (anyway, not to the account, do not matter);

3,   hope to let developments have too much hope of success, without a careful analysis of each customer, to focus on a few customers, the lack of development of new customer awareness, always clinging to a few customers. The ability to judge the customer is relatively poor, too high expectations of customers, too believe that the customer. Some customers are no longer in use, but the business representatives will see you. Call to hear customer website, exciting moment forgot to ask customers the most basic conditions (how to do, how much money do so).

4,   said too much, listen too little, do not pay attention to details; (not to hear every detail, the customer said not to seize the customers handle but was caught many client vulnerabilities)

5,   said to the customer should not say, the more mistakes he said the more;

6,   do not know when to clinch a deal; do not know how to clinch a deal;

7,   product unskilled;

8,   do not follow up the customer; do not want to take the time to collect customer information. Not enough information to find;

9,   lazy mood;

10, satisfied with the status quo, big with pride. It’s a little bit of pride to get a little bit of success, and always remember that success is only a temporary failure;

11, the efficiency is low, the method is old, the state of mind is not good, the spirit of innovation, lack of change, poor learning ability. Ahead of the poor, always follow others;

12, not good at working with others, do not like to communicate with colleagues;

13, no sense of responsibility, enterprise is not strong, self-consciousness is not high, hard enough;

14, not good at observation, thinking, summary;

15, the lack of ambition, performance ability, talk is not smooth;

16, customer pre-sales and after-sales service to do the poor, the salesman only look at the immediate interests, not for the sake of the future, do not tap the potential of old customers;

see above, as a salesman, if you make more mistakes? These errors are the