Shanghai in the next two years to help fund the difficulties of enterprises

in the development of society, although some enterprises have achieved an effective long-term development, but also some enterprises have a bottleneck in the development of. However, in the face of social pressure, but also to pay a large number of employees provident fund, which to some extent hindered their own development. In response to such a social phenomenon, the next two years, Shanghai provident fund for the help of difficult enterprises.

in order to guide and regulate the units for lower housing provident fund deposit ratio or over housing provident fund business, according to the "Shanghai city housing provident fund deposit ratio or reduce payment of housing provident fund management approach", formulate the rules for the operation.

a, the scope of application

(a) to meet one of the following conditions, the unit may apply for units and workers deposit ratio of not less than 5% of the housing provident fund deposit:

1, the enterprise that continuously runs loss for two years or more, and the average monthly wage of workers is not higher than the average monthly wage of workers in the previous year by 60%;

2, within three years from the date of the establishment of the national "small and medium-sized enterprise standard type" (the Ministry of industry joint enterprise [2011]300) clear small and micro enterprises.

(two) one of the following conditions are met, the unit can apply for payment of housing provident fund:

1, on the verge of bankruptcy, has been discontinued or have been approved in accordance with the law over social insurance companies can apply for payment of housing provident fund;

2, for three consecutive years has been approved to reduce the proportion of deposit or last year has approved payment of enterprises, business is still a loss and the average wage level of workers is not higher than last year’s monthly average monthly wage of workers is 60%, you can apply for payment of housing provident fund;

3, poor economic benefit or continuous operating losses of more than two years of business, should be deducted from the employee when the minimum wage in the city to pay part of the wages of workers housing provident fund, by the consent of the employee after the employee should pay for payment of part of the housing provident fund.

two, application materials

(1) basic information of the unit:

1, the applicant’s letter of introduction, the original and copy of the identity card.

2, affix the official seal of the business license, legal person certificate and other units to establish and register a copy of the certificate of capital;

3, complete and accurate official seal, the employee or union chapter and seal superiors in five of "reduce the housing fund recommended