The same name but different business

the same name, operated by the main products is almost the same, but because they are not the same, so the natural business skills by each store will be different, this is also the name of business is different, in fact, this situation often happens in the chain store.

count Hefei famous Hot pot dry pot shop, I called on the name of the shop only Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck the characteristic shop. Hefei Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck shop has two, two shop name is the same, only one opposite Xiaoyaojin, one in Meishan Road, two stores have been more or less to make some comparison, so there is the following result:

comparison: store design

Xiaoyaojin this whole room, look more spacious, Mei Road looks relatively small, but the number is double, the table should be similar, but still relatively Xiaoyaojin shop spacious, elegant Mei road.

comparison two: dishes

two stores have a main dish, is duck pot and fine pot, after tasting, personal feeling is Xiaoyaojin the spicy is really spicy, light, Mei mountain is also very spicy spicy, a little, but the two Yatou taste Meishan road is better, more tasty. The number of dishes is two, the number of food stores Meishan road of Xiaoyaojin store some rich, Xiaoyaojin shop it was unfortunately there is no big salad, because the CY have agreed that the big salad is one of their characteristics.

comparison three: service

general feeling of the two services can be said to be in about the same, since it is not what to eat, as long as too bad, also does not pay attention to the quality of service, mainly to eat on the line.

is also the final comparison of the issues that everyone is concerned about, is the price. Xiaoyaojin shop is Mei Road slightly cheaper price, is not the whole mountain plum varieties, especially cooking too few varieties. In Meishan Road store discount is to eat one hundred to send two fifteen vouchers, two noon, evening can only use one, is at noon ticket hit thirty percent off, 15% off night, is more cost-effective.

appropriate summary: Although the two shops are the same name, to eat people should know that the main dish is the same, although the taste is slightly different. However, do not know the chain stores have such laws, always feel it is operated by the same brand, why there is always a good point, some just passable? Are we more critical? As for the two stores say right or wrong, we have to taste after they know.