Man to courage to skirt high praise

in the world a lot of people below the glasses Nothing is too strange., things have become netizens ridicule. Recently, a Hangzhou man high-heeled skirt took to the streets, suction eye index is 100%. It’s a little bit of courage!

3 7, @ street beat rolling   updated a group of street shots, one of which is like this: a man wearing a skirt, high-heeled shoes. And with the text: "respect each side brave do ordinary people themselves, as he likes manual!"

there is no certain psychological quality, he can only at home alone to enjoy their own posture mirror. If you see him on the streets in Europe and the United States, you will not feel surprised, but in the streets of Hangzhou, the head is not some question marks, is justified. This just shows that we are in the moment, has been more and more inclusive. In dressing up, will not deliberately develop a neat and uniform standards require us to self inspection, and to show the true self of the people left a certain space.

the voice: A: the man dressed like that, it looks uncomfortable. B: do not agree with his aesthetic, but admire his courage. C: men are beautiful and women are afraid. How do you see?



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