Long Xiang Hand Pulled Noodle joined in support of

Hand-Pulled Noodle is a worthy of joining the project, Hand-Pulled Noodle pasta has been welcomed by consumers. But in the Chinese long-standing food culture Hand-Pulled Noodle, its position in the hearts of Chinese unshakable. Long incense in the heritage of traditional China Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle technology is also constantly innovation, only through more channels to further expand Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodle brand.

may join the fragrant Hand-Pulled Noodle what support?

a, marketing support

headquarters for each franchisee to provide a unified image of the country, the headquarters has fixed advertising investment, to ensure that the market has a certain degree of visibility, can occupy a certain position in the minds of consumers.

two, opening support

company for new customers, the company brand professionals to help franchisee location, professional advantage is rich site experience, have very good understanding of the market, help the franchisee to select the optimal address at the local, help the franchisee opened better. At the same time, the company also sent someone to help franchisees in accordance with the headquarters of a unified standard decoration, brand identification.

three, business support

After joining the

shop, in the course of the business, the company will provide a variety of franchisees to join the marketing program, through these marketing programs to better expand the local market. The company will also give regular shop owner training, improve management skills. The company is also timely delivery, to ensure that the franchisee is not out of stock.

four, R & D support

market is always changing, the product also needs continuous innovation, constantly new products in order to better attract consumers, long incense Hand-Pulled Noodle has a strong R & D team, and constantly develop new products.