ndustry class website information first weapon

with the rise of e-commerce and industry website boom, in recent years, a large number of industry sites have stationed in China, hoping to open up their own world in china. However, these products to display the characteristics of the site, rarely really root. Whether it is B2B B2C, in the electronic commerce market is currently overcrowded, head-on competition has led to these sites in the bloody "Red Sea", in the fierce competition in the market, and fight for rival dwindling profits. Therefore, whether it is business owners or e-commerce sites, the need for a new interactive model to use e-commerce.

The promotion of

e-commerce, to break the limits of time and space, changing trade patterns, to accelerate the social commodity circulation helps to reduce the cost of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to make direct participation in international market competition, obviously, the development of electronic commerce is very meaningful for small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises should seize the opportunity to vigorously develop the electronic business. However, the industry website has advantages in the industry but the lack of functional expertise, enterprises need to influence, product visibility, sales market, problems of enterprise marketing budgets and limited resources, lack of manpower, marketing aging, terminal promotion influence on customer groups are falling, plagued the industry therefore, the industry website, the website should be to develop e-commerce in international and domestic environment, in order to catch the information weapon to deal with the fierce competition.

for the majority of industry enterprises, marketing leads to the bottleneck of limited resources is a practical problem in a lot of time, how to integrate the development of the industry and customer resources become every website operators think things. For example, in the marketing aspect, many enterprises have established their own websites, these plays online sales, online order service, online answering function, but the market homogenization of instant messaging products because there is no good choice to meet the eye everywhere, instant messaging needs personalized development. To visitors, the seller and the site can not be achieved between the "interaction", resulting in the loss of users, thus affecting the entire market and enterprise development strategy to promote the implementation of the plan, and even can lead to failure of corporate collapse. Especially in the start-up and growth stage of industry website, due to various bottlenecks caused by market promotion is weak, visibility fell, product sales failed or slow progress, profit plans, or even collapse of the phenomenon is often seen in enterprises.

network marketing, interaction is the key, the feeling of the user experience is very important, if you can come up with advice, business negotiations in order to achieve convenient dialogue. Then the user can also participate in, establish a feedback mechanism very good for interactive communication, such as the user on the site of a company’s products, a supplier of advice, there should be a good mechanism to convey to the relevant enterprises, there should be a good mechanism to solve related problems. So, for the visitors do not need to download any plug-ins, the client only need to click "online discussion" button can be directly with the seller online business in order to achieve convenient dialogue, is the new > and enterprise contact