On the skills to enhance the user’s perception

now there are many products in the development of Internet users, but no matter what kind of means the effect is not obvious, sometimes even doubt the value of the product, in fact, the problem is that the user does not have more cognition on the Internet products, which users cannot perceive the value of products, can be used to do what. And now the Internet is too serious product homogeneity, the same app, and almost the same name, have the same function are just find a lot, so this time, several of the same app, exactly how to allow users to select your product, the most important is to attract the attention of customers, enhance the user of the product let’s talk about the perception of the two skills enhance the user’s perception.

first, focus on the user’s first experience of the product. Any product can not meet the needs of all users 100%, but the core functionality of the product so that users are interested in. However, there are many products are made of a lot of bloated features in the early stage, which leads to the initial user experience will be a core function at a loss, dilute the product, in fact the first user experience is the most important we need only the most direct and simple way to let users perceive the function of the product can be. It should be noted that, when pushing a product, do not always blindly pursue hot areas, but should think about the new user experience may produce behavioral trajectory, the entire process is smooth. For example, users into an album, whether -> can be realized from the album list preview; photo album view details -> photo browsing and published comments, this process seems very simple, but often determines the user experience is smooth. For example, a taxi drops software for passengers, choice of routes -> about -> car; car -> service end, the core process of the smooth experience determines the user of the product first experience, even if this experience has a problem, then talk about other personalized service is not persuasive. Only the first experience smoothly, users can have a certain degree of perception, that the product function is to meet the needs of the.

second, the user experience is good at the pause. Here refers to pause, refers to the users in the process of using the product, the delay between the two acts, such as the user in the process of turning page browsing the page content, or the user waiting waiting for loading the content page. In reality, there are many similar pause, as we will see the ads in the elevator, the bus will also see carousel advertising. In this state of pause, in fact, the user is basically in a blank state, this time we can be good at using this pause time, arrange the content to enhance the user’s perception of the product. The following two pauses are more common in the user experience process.

(1) uses a pause in the user experience. The most common user experience in the process of the pause is the pop-up box, because the pop-up box function can be said to belong to the hard to break the user experience, so each pop-up box will produce a clear stop >