Triple play Alibaba first step

previously wrote about the network world, Ali media chain formed article. Today, Ali and the media chain is now very popular triple play together.


said before, the Alibaba to create a "2 magazine +1 portal +1 Television Center (" Taobao world "+" world network operators "; China YAHOO group; Alibaba Television Center)" new media ecosystem has been initially formed.

By virtue of

cooperation and Zhejiang newspaper group "Taobao world" and "the world" network two of the print magazine, as well as to the user and market positioning precision, Alibaba will have a as in the traditional magazine. According to previous data show that the Taobao world, the first phase of sales reached 80 thousand copies of the results. After the publication of only half a year, the magazine sales stabilized at more than 20 copies (now certainly more sales).

now if the triple play and Alibaba contact for a while, then it can be said that in the tide of convergence of three networks, Alibaba has been the first step.

here need to repeat the meaning of triple play. The so-called "triple play" refers to the telecommunications network, radio and television networks and computer communication networks, mutual penetration, mutual compatibility, and gradually integrated into a unified information communication network.

in the "triple play", the radio and television network and network integration, and digital TV, on-demand TV and network TV will gradually become popular and popular. In this case, Alibaba and Hunan satellite TV reached a strategic alliance to achieve the joint brand effect, Hunan satellite TV as a leader in the national TV, its advantages are self-evident. Hunan TV is a strategic alliance, Alibaba can make full use of Hunan satellite TV in the TV media to realize the advantages of 1+1> 2, then under the "triple play" tide, first by Hunan satellite TV curve into the triple play market.

as for the role of China’s YAHOO, taking into account the advantages of China’s YAHOO in many portals is not obvious, its role in the media chain Alibaba is not so important.


media formed chain is a strategic thing now, considering the "triple play" and Ali media chain, Ali has been a step ahead of others, first arrayed, layout.

PS: I am not in the short term the "triple play" what interest, which involves the interests of those groups are not too big, what good, but the "triple play" is definitely a trend, now only need to wait until the time is ripe.

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