The most important three points in the network promotion

time is really fast, in an instant my network promotion blog online has spent three months, like a lot of experience during those three months, in a short time after the line is Baidu Google included, and several key words also get good rankings, overnight as has become a SEO expert, every day I have friends come to consult the search engine optimization problems. I have to make it clear in the article that he is not a SEO expert, just a rookie into the industry.

has abandoned Baidu, Baidu blog was down the right keywords, ranking fell, in fact the optimization for me, don’t understand, also do not want to spend too much time to study it, after all, people hold you go, what time is not happy, will abandon you, let you past efforts were in vain. Of course, search engine optimization is also an important job in the website promotion. Is a large proportion of web traffic route. Fortunately, my blog keyword decline is only temporary, less than half a month began to gradually restored ~ ha ha!

above all is gossip, now turn to the question, actually had no idea of writing this article, only recently someone asked me how to promote his website, a few months is not what effect, also used a lot of method, what is that there is no obvious effect. Encountered such a problem, I always ask him back, you know your users? Do you know where they are? The promotion is not to say that you do can have a good effect, is not to say that the more the method used, the effect is better. As a marketing staff, at least you have to understand that those are your user base, what kind of method to achieve the best results, there is a strong ability to execute.

one, analysis of their products user groups

a lot of friends, in particular, to enter the friends, are not in accordance with their own needs to promote the product for the analysis of user groups, began to blindly promote. This will not only spend a lot of time and effort, but the results are not good. Through the analysis of the product targeted user groups, you will be able to get a good understanding of the crowd gathered in the local people, to find the right place, the results achieved by the promotion of natural good.

two, according to the user groups to develop targeted promotional programs

clear user groups in the crowd and the crowd often gathered, followed by the development of a targeted network promotion program. In the formulation of the program, it is necessary to integrate the most conducive to get the best results of some promotion methods. Program is not furnished, it is necessary to have a higher operability. In fact, these promotional methods are familiar to everyone, just to see how they integrate into the program, how to achieve good results.

three, for the program to have strong execution ability

with the promotion of the user groups to promote the program, the ability to achieve a good promotional effect, the ability to perform has become a key link in the promotion of good results. Executive power >