Blog or QQ space to spread self Olympic video illegal

ordinary netizens friends note: even if you use the blog and QQ space to spread the Olympic events and related activities of the self motion video data, is illegal and may be subject to appropriate penalties.

Beijing Olympic events and related activities in China’s new media (Internet and mobile platform) broadcast rights, has been granted exclusively by the Chinese International Olympic Committee CCTV. Without the permission of the CCTV, any other Internet and mobile platforms are not allowed to broadcast. According to reports, there are Sina, NetEase and Tencent three sites to obtain permission to CCTV.

national copyright administration, Ministry of public security and the Ministry of industry and information technology have jointly launched the 2008 special action against Internet piracy". Special operations in the city has been launched in mid June for a period of 4 months. Law enforcement officers on duty 24 hours, and accept public reports. Once the site has been found violations, law enforcement agencies will be ordered to shut down the site within half an hour, broken links or delete infringing content.

Municipal Copyright Bureau responsible person, the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, and test match before the game, cultural activities, the torch, the torch relay activities such as video and audio data broadcast, are required to obtain authorization to. The responsible person stressed that this is not only to combat Internet content provider tort, ordinary users without the Olympic Games and related activities authorized video shot myself in the network upload, will also be dealt with. For example, after the use of mobile phone users to shoot, spread in the blog and QQ space, is also illegal. Office of the city to crack down on the phone report: 023 – 67502722, 67502723. Reporter Ding Xiangle