Express little brother when joining ten convenience fun community O2O

if you think that the community is just the capital tycoon O2O industry giants arena, then the next thing, will change your view.

in mid March 2016, when ten convenience re transmission of news, comprehensive consideration on ten convenient express little brother to join the project, and soon the ten reached consensus on cooperation, the successful signing of the franchise agreement, with a crisp camera click sound, the first shot was detonated ten convenience store community O2O "".


ten convenience brand was founded in 2015, by the Shenzhen Municipal Trade Co., Ltd. to facilitate the management of the operation, is the O2O channel operation of the entire chain of convenience stores 24 hours service brand. When the ten main services to facilitate a wide range of community residents and regional customers, through the integration of online and offline resources, to provide a more warm community services and a variety of goods to choose from.

o2o new community mode ten is convenient, different from the traditional convenience store, ten convenience stores through mobile phone easy to buy goods or services, easy and convenient; different from the traditional mode of online shopping, ten convenience stores (stores, community partner stores) direct delivery, immediate delivery of 29 minutes don’t need more than 3 days, the waiting time of delivery.


ten convenience to the community center, through community partners to organize rich and colorful community activities, to meet the surrounding flow and community facilities, convenient service demand, promotion ten convenience stores around the community’s well-being, strive for harmonious community service China contribute their positive energy of the sun.