Tanabata Valentine’s day think of the webmaster to learn from life to find innovation

The Qixi Festival

the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is China’s traditional festival of the most romantic holiday, known as "Chinese Valentine’s day". Legend in the Qixi Festival night, look up you can see the cowherd meet the Milky Way, or overheard two people meet in the sky silently whispers in the fruit stand. The origin of the Qixi Festival, do not have to say, here is a long story, you can Baidu or Google, you can learn a lot about the origin of the Qixi Festival and tales. Each year the Qixi Festival, can be said to be in addition to the traditional Western Valentine’s day, China couples the most romantic day, on this day, will also hold a lot of love and holiday related activities, in the summer to add a lot of fun and romantic life. Offline businesses will not miss this excellent marketing opportunities, and the Internet industry is also concerned about the festival, hoping to expand the topic of marketing to attract eyeballs.

in the increasingly popular and competitive group purchase industry, group purchase site in addition to competition and business customers, better marketing strategies who are more innovative, can be said to grab the opportunity in competition. "How do you say love? Someone’s here for you." This is a buy site launched a love confession campaign. According to the reporter’s understanding, 999 free opportunities have been competing for an empty. This is a buy site for Tanabata Festival to carry out a free event, but also a classic case of holiday marketing topics. After the rush to buy, just fill out the relevant information and hope that the content and the content of the ad, there will be the site’s customer service on a specific date, send a confession of love". Ordinary consumers in the group purchase are mostly ordinary goods and services, can group purchase "advertising" is the first time I heard that many successful group purchase consumers said this activity is very novel, in this festival for lovers a surprise. The author believes that the marketing activities of the successful use of the holiday to user segments – couple lovers launched targeted marketing, and successfully seized the Chinese people express feelings implicit psychological, make a web site to attract a lot of attention, improve user friendliness and user stickiness.

coincidentally, a local forum has also carried out the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day eight minutes dating each other large parties, eight minutes dating activities, each participant has a 8 chance with 8 specific 8 minutes / time to talk, do not ask each other in real name only the number; don’t ask the other phone number, QQ and so on; don’t ask the detailed address; not unreasonably entangled with each other. At the end of the conversation, you will be able to make the number of friends you want to keep on the card, to the activities of the organization. The activities of the organization to each other, both sides of the right to inform their contact information. Unilateral right is not circular, so as not to cause trouble. The ultimate goal is only one – the shortest time, the most understanding of the opposite sex. This can be said to be a small website through a typical case of the Qixi Festival marketing, virtual advertisement is different from the group purchase, offline real exchange website more luster, improve the visibility of the local Internet users, aggregation.

more than two cases are very good with the Tanabata Festival launched the topic of marketing, although the seven >