The Alibaba famous give king kongmin light Liu Pengfei interview with micro blog

asked: do you think that entrepreneurs in addition to hard work spirit, also need to have what kind of character? A lot of effort now, but 99% of people are struggling in pain, only a part of success, which is the

where the gap?

answer: I have mentioned on many occasions, entrepreneurial success is not how strong a person’s ability, but someone can put the team’s strength to play out. Liu Bei of the Three Kingdoms, his personal ability is very general, compared to the relevant to the very far, but he can put Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, such as the cohesion of the people together, he did a lot of work in the cause of. Entrepreneurs must strive to fight the spirit of hard work, but also have a broad mind and a long-term vision. When I first started, I had two boxes of goods moved over three kilometers. Because the bus is not allowed, the taxi is too expensive. Two boxes of goods to move together too heavy, can only move a box of goods to fifty meters away, and then come back to move another box of goods, so the goods sent to the hands of the guests. The broad mind is very important, every member of the team’s shortcomings you have to hold, such as a personal love sleep lazy sink, someone is slow, someone talk to be out of line and so on, you must be able to accommodate these, and timely carry out, and help them correct, but not recorded in the a day, thought to kill him. So you don’t focus on more people and build a stronger team. The long-term perspective is very important, many people only see the immediate benefits, a list of the next, good can earn one hundred dollars, finally give a guest does not want to, with the guests a big fight, this is no vision. Let him, did not expect the next list of guests can bring you millions of profits. There are reasons for success: the spirit of hard work, broad mind, long-term vision allows you to set up a good team, do more things.

asked: in no college students before graduation, you can choose what kind of entrepreneurial projects hand, accumulate experience for Graduate Entrepreneurship


: different schools have different opportunities. I was at the Jiujiang University, the business environment is more relaxed. I had a car at school, that is, the Spring Festival package car to send students home. Wholesale of bottled water, each dormitory has a water dispenser, for the school uniform, I linked to bottled water companies, home to each dormitory bottled water. Selling fried fried rice, the evening students online tired, eat a snack. Sell non-staple food, with the tour. During the period of school does not require you to do everything, but everything you do must reflect a leader’s temperament, improve their leadership skills, you know these things are not a person we can complete, earn money as much as possible to your partner, let everyone make money, you will earn money.

Q: I would like to ask a lot of people say that the boss does not need to work so hard to learn technology, really do not have the technical boss can do it?

answer: as a boss, you do not require a very proficient in the technology, but you must understand that some of the things you do people can not fool you, technicians do little action you want to see. So >