Return to marketing SEO

Probably because when the SEO industry began, in favor of technical things, such as packing. Keywords in the page, a hidden web page, now also have a lot of people think doing tricks on their website or textbooks in accordance with the honest technical optimization can achieve the purpose of improving the search engine ranking.

should be said for the degree of competition is not too high for the industry, "the optimization of well done website can really achieve good rankings. But the industry is very competitive website, often do these sites are not enough to adjust their own.

remember a while ago Matt Cutts has an interview, he said in an interview in a word, I’m very impressed. He said that now a lot of SEO experts are marketing experts.

as a line of marketing staff, what factors will you consider? In that way will be promoted? To a large extent can be transferred to the network to use, and at present, the search engine optimization effect is more and more obvious.