China Network local real estate network promotion detailed steps

local real estate website promotion generally use direct marketing mode, such as door-to-door service, telephone, publicity leaflets and traditional media, whether it is how to promote, should have a step, also is the plan, so we can save you money and achieve the best results.

I was set up China network promotion steps:

first: data collection and update, it is very important, first of all to give people a sense of trust, people feel that your site is in the heart to maintain, very professional.

then I will try to enrich their own website, do not expect others to give you fill in the content, because your site is not ranked, no reputation, no one will find you, even if you find that they are not good to fill in the content, because the benefits, you can’t give them, so these we have to complete their own content, not necessarily, but must be comprehensive, make people feel convenient and novel, and the other site is not the same, when your website is such publicity out, prove your success.

second: network publicity, lay the foundation for the rankings.

this stage is very important, but also lay the foundation for ranking guarantee for you, we can use the soft Wen promotion, bulk mail, establishing a blog, because the beginning nobody will reprint your content, also does not have a decent website links with you, it is you yourself to finish when you rich in content, more than the chain, you should try to do Links because of your site’s ranking is very good.

third: this step should actually be completed at the same time as the second step.

is not to say that now began to do site optimization, website in place should be optimized, which can be said to be this time check network, optimization must be done, otherwise the ranking is not guaranteed.

fourth step: when your site rankings and indicators are almost the same time should pay attention to the traditional media.

we must believe that it cannot take the place of traditional media, such as flyers, billboards, newspapers, television, I have no money to do the real advertising, I used the telephone marketing and site promotion, the two I think is the lowest cost, but also the most difficult, but also the best effect that depends on how you operate, I simply say? To find the corresponding contact, every day dozens of, must have patience, and remember the tracking service.

the four step down, I think you can also save some customers, this is you can imagine publicity in the other way, I will introduce me to China when the site is stable after the development of the network plan tomorrow, hope I said today to help you, I used to do products website outgoing, do portal is the first time, I hope you can give me some advice.

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