Net effect violations peek a boo network jurisprudence cloak draped

original title: network covered with yellow cloak

in mid April 2014 so far, a unified nationwide crackdown on online pornography special action to achieve greater results. However, with the help of the network platform, mobile phone software and other emerging means, some illegal behavior Phi invisibility cloak, playing the metamorphosis, more subtle.

invisibility cloak: shop into a pornographic video sales platform

reporter in Taobao search directly before the "porn" and "adult film" Taobao keyword, pop-up prompt: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies related to the baby can not display.

but when the reporter tried to search other indirect keywords found that the sale of pornographic video is still a lot of these resources, the price ranging from a few blocks to dozens of pieces, sales of up to dozens of.

reporter added a claim that "you want to have the resources" to the seller, the seller through QQ sent to reporters SkyDrive size, contents etc.. The seller said, after payment will give buyers the SkyDrive Baidu cloud account, "you can directly watch video playback".

buyers and sellers account, greatly increasing the difficulty of the network service provider regulation.

metamorphosis: he moved to the mobile terminal transactions should be blocked


reporter through WeChat search friends found that the past common public prostitution signature basically not see. But in bars or can be found as "lesser" such WeChat users.

"lesser", claiming to be 25 years old this year, and last year the sisters working in beijing. During the conversation, "she said Xiaoya is doing part-time, can provide special service, can charge in fee or night.

and other social software, the top position called "net 2014, build a clean cyberspace proposal very conspicuous. But many users from the signature, register the software a few minors, reporters search users friends, scantily clad head, provocative language is often visible. A small name of the user, whose personal dynamics filled with no one to go out to play, the content, the reporter tried to contact, small quickly pushed reporters to part-time price and service content.

"outer net": informal entertainment brokerage firm into cancer

In addition to the "lesser"

"small" this "alone" sex workers, many entertainment use new media as a new platform to attract users. Reporter survey found that a company called "× × Castle" cabaret registered more than one staff named in a number of social software, a "model" that personal signature, a reporter asked whether there is a special service, the user said "guarantee your satisfaction".

on micro-blog, the reporter search to high-end business model broker Tiger, business model peripheral model and a large number of accounts >