Secret died domestic anonymous social in jeopardy who will be next

anonymous social applications Secret CEO David · Byttow (David) on April 29th announced that he would close the company, will be returned to investors financing:

"unfortunately, Secret failed to show the vision I had when I started this company. So I think it’s the right decision for me, our investors, and the entire team to close Secret. I don’t think we have succeeded in driving Secret growth."

Secret angel, A, B round of financing $35 million, the valuation of up to $100 million, and then announced the closure of a total of only 9 months. In its heyday, Secret in Brazil, Sweden, Israel, Mexico and other 8 countries App Store download list ranked first.

China anonymous social learning prototype is mainly in the United States of Secret and Whisper, the former based on anonymous social acquaintances, is a typical representative of no secret; the latter let strangers sharing privacy based on, is a typical representative of the earliest secret (Wang Jian founded, and later by Zhang Haodan CEO, referred to as Zhang Haoban). 2014, from the beginning of the first half, the total number of APP domestic anonymous social field has more than 20 applications such as: social anonymous strangers application secret, Whisper version of Chinese, anonymous social acquaintances no secret, Secret version, Chinese crow, ha ha, toast, etc..

originated in the United States in the local social anonymous a Aihong, anonymous social development in China is belong to the exotic Chunwangchihan? Or have to blaze a new trail? We through the third party data platform App Annie (iOS), cool transmission (Android) to see the real situation of domestic anonymous social. As a result of the platform, iOS ranked data as a reference, Android download data in various markets as a reference.

no secret

had no effect in secret in 2014 triggered explosive, first in a very short time getting on Apple’s free social software download list, users soon more than ten million level. After the hot, no secret rarely issued their own voice, faded out of the media and public attention, many people even suspect that no secret has been closed down, in fact, they are still alive.

founder Lin Chengren response to the situation of Secret closed:

"I think there’s a great relationship with the Secret core team, do not focus on the product, in order to do a lot of small Chinese into action, make no secret get off the shelf, spent much of the year on how to engage the competitors, their products do not."

in the product has no secret targeted to do some new adjustments: we are mainly doing circles, hoping to show a more real side in all circles." User data "from down to steady growth".