CCTV exposure hand travel data fraud amazing a two channel technology is very brush list


technology news (Le Tian) May 30th news, Mobile Games has always been considered a high income industry, however, found on CCTV before the survey, Mobile Games industry crazy brush single, recharge water and other acts of unfair competition, seriously disrupting the order of the market Mobile Games.


found in the CCTV survey, a self occupied Mobile Games brush list 50% of the market share of the enterprise, the person in charge of the brush standings behavior control more than 9 thousand and 700 ApPStore mobile phone to Mobile Games products, each mobile phone can restart 100 times.

this can be achieved by a single phone replacement of more than 100 accounts for the brush list behavior, so that the overall composition of the 1 million brush list behavior.

a point of resources, two channels, very brush list

according to the person in charge of the company, the 600 thousand actual download can let the hand travel products into the App Store free list Top10, and the use of similar behavior is only one day to brush list of 2~3 million.

related companies said that the current situation of the hand travel industry is a point of resources, two channels, very brush list".

, however, the risk is obvious, once the hand travel products are found in Apple brush list behavior, often encounter the next frame and other risks.

so brush list games often use personal name and upload a single game there are multiple account support, once hit the shelves, through other accounts within 1 hours on the line again, and this behavior is the industry known as "change skin".

in the last two months, Apple has had as many as a hundred of the behavior of the brush list of hand travel to handle the shelf, which also involves the hand of gambling activities.

and App in Store can be found, in fact not only in the App Store free list, in the game, chess and other market segments in the list, also appeared frequently this kind of brush standings behavior.

integral wall into the brush list another means of

in addition to the free list, the list and the best-selling list can also be related to the behavior of the brush list, but the game developers need to pay more.

in this demand, the industry tend to use the form of points, such as the wall, that is, after the user downloads a platform to swim, you can get a return of 2~3.5 yuan. But this form of higher prices, hand travel vendors need to pay third yuan / 4~5 cost.


from the point of view of the application of integral wall, a single APP brush list of thousands, the cost of over ten thousand yuan. But for most of the hand travel vendors, there is no brush list will not attract a large number of users.

, a developer to accept the CCTV interview, said that if you do not brush the list, it is bound to be squeezed by other competitors hand travel rankings, and even cause the consequences of downloading too low, so had to brush list.