Minister of industry and Li Yizhong rectification of personal website efforts will increase

Economic Observer network special correspondent Meng Hong the morning of March 8th, the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong said in an interview with Phoenix TV Sally Wu, during a recent reorganization of the Internet, the website uses some overkill, but not for personal websites blocked. At the same time, Li Yizhong also said the intensity of rectification efforts will increase.

Phoenix TV Q & a Shenzhou host Sally Wu, recently conducted a special interview with the column in the column, involving the Internet, 3G, such as the issuance of licenses.

Chinese questioned whether comprehensive ban personal website, Li Yizhong said recently in the Internet and mobile phone pornographic information rectification, involving personal website, take some overkill way, "it is the first stop, stop after cleaning, and then restore a".

for the above, Li Yizhong said that this is the rectification process will occur, and ask the majority of Internet users to understand.

Li Yizhong further stressed that this is not a personal website to ban. Turning to the rectification of the duration of the time, Li Yizhong said at least during the first quarter of this period, I am afraid to increase efforts". He said that for a period of time to rectify, in order to see the effect of special rectification action.