The school graduation man gambling website 1 years 280 million money was sentenced

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school graduation man opened gambling sites a year money 280 million yuan

A 27 year old man

graduated from technical school, not willing to participate in the "black color" win lose less, so he opened two black color website, recruitment agency, development member. Two black color website registered members reached more than 20 thousand people, hundreds of people online everyday, a day of the maximum amount of bets more than 600 yuan. More than 1 years of time, two black color website absorption of gambling betting $280 million, behind the dealer and web proxy profit nearly ten million yuan.

in June 10th, by the Jiangsu provincial economic and Technological Development Zone Xuzhou City People’s Procuratorate prosecution, for the crime of opening casinos, Zhang Wei Zhang Weigang Lee, steel and other 7 defendants were sentenced to 6 years to 1 years and 4 months imprisonment.

is a gambler Fanben black color

Zhang Wei was born in 1987 in Sichuan province Mingshan County, he graduated from the technical school to work in a machinery factory in Sichuan city of Chengdu province. Under the influence of colleagues, Zhang Wei gradually became obsessed with buying lottery tickets. In 2010, Zhang Wei began to contact the network "black color". The so-called "black color", is a private banker, raising the rate of return prize in the lottery based on.

Because the

win lose less, the second half of 2011, Zhang Wei began to lose several million yuan. Then, an idea of initiation in Zhang Wei brain, why can I have a similar website, own Zuozhuang behind? He took the idea to play the black color of the pan colleagues to fly after the two hit it off.

by the end of 2011, Zhang Wei and Pan Fei on the Internet to buy a set of time color source code, ready to open the black color website. Because do not understand the network technology, Zhang Wei and found Sichuan County, Yilong people do technical support, set up a PT816 lottery website, mainly engaged in Chongqing, always color".

After the opening of the

website, Zhang Wei and Pan Fei rely on the original play online lottery know a few agents to develop "members" (CANDU staff). Agent is similar to the regular lottery outlets, the main role is to promote the site, get involved in betting betting. The RMB exchange CANDU staff to the site designated bank card account, in the website to buy matching game currency. Game currency like casino chips, used to bet.

in order to encourage the agent to develop membership, Zhang Wei and Pan Fei as agents to develop incentives, the highest level of agent can get 5.5% of the amount of membership as a commission. Even if the membership in the website losing money, agent can still get the bonus. In addition, the superior agent can also develop subordinate agents, and the development of the Commission and the proportion of dividends.

has the interest stimulation, "agent" has the enthusiasm of the publicity and promotion, to "PT816" website gamble more and more people. At the end of May 2012, Zhang Wei opened a called Goodrich international website, business model and PT816 the same. Two registered members have more than 20 thousand people.