Today QQ chat dialog blocked all the CN text chat

        webmaster basically 95% in the use of QQ  as instant messaging contact tool.     today 12.18, QQ chat dialog to block all of the.CN domain chat text. In the QQ dialogue, QQ group, have been screened with.CN domain name. All chat with.CN can not be displayed. Easy to cause misunderstanding.   in my personal QQ, there have been many, I sent to each other’s information, others can not see, others sent to me, I can see nothing. One day there are dozens of such problems.   for this reason is the technical failure of Tencent, Tencent or special treatment, there is no official statement. You can test the QQ in the   any one of the www.**.cn domain name   do not send out. When you want to send a chat with domain name information, please remove the WWW to inform the other party, so as not to cause misunderstanding.