Summit dialogue interpreting the commercial value of the new economy

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Summit: interpreting the new economy and finding business value

webmaster network June 24th afternoon news, the financial tsunami under the new economic development forum on the Internet this afternoon at the The President Hotel in Guangzhou, the webmaster website reported this forum.

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anchor: the next 2009 South China Internet Conference and national tour event second user IDC theme part, commercial half turn crises into opportunities, we will invite the Internet entrepreneur and industry elite, for peak dialogue, the first question is: the interpretation of the new economy, the commercial value, please have the following this summit dialogue Moderator: Yesky founder Lin Jun, the dialogue is:

port CEO

Asia Dekun Fu

IDGVC vice president Gao Xiang

POCO CEO Yao hung

cool dog CEO Xie Zhenyu

world network CEO Lin and ANN

Guangzhou branch of the United States and science and technology general manager Jiang Jian

Moderator: today’s topic is to turn the crisis into a machine, I would like to ask a question is, do you think the Internet industry is now a trough? When do you get up?

Yao Hong: whether it is the Internet or any economic or any time in the trough and peak, for different companies should have different status, good companies will find the most suitable for his own profit in any situation, bad environment should be on this point, just a promotion or a company a challenge, I think the Internet in the current environment, should be compared with the traditional industry opportunities outweigh the crisis.

Lin Hean: I believe that the world economy has not bottomed out, but the Internet is very difficult to say, in good times people have money in bad period some people lose money, see you how to operate. But at the bottom of the crisis, the enterprise should be how to spend the winter.

Jiang Jian: Ladies and gentlemen, this topic is about the Internet now what is a crisis or opportunity, the views on this question, just iResearch Wu his data can illustrate this problem, the Internet economy is at least not now summer spring, dnion IT industry segments of the industry, there is a a very popular metaphor, is a traditional industry in the logistics industry, any ICP (content providers) will require IDC and DCN services, so I think in the current economic environment under the IT industry colleagues do not need to pessimistic, but must be cautious, optimistic, the industry still has hope.

Xie Zhenyu: Hello, I answer the question, now the Internet is still low tide, this problem is to see who, now the Internet total plate to grow every year, but the polarization is more and more serious, the rich richer and the poor get poorer, I think if >