From the mighty YAHOO is almost not worth a hair how to play dead

YAHOO is dying. This time it’s real.

April 18th, after countless struggles, salvation and rebirth, the first to find a business model of the Internet, the first market value of billions of dollars, the company has created great economic miracle of the Internet, announced as long as someone bid about 4 billion to $8 billion, then you can take the Internet once the envy of the world’s core assets.

and the current market feedback, most buyers to bid $3 billion, compared to its peak in 2000 has exceeded the $130 billion market capitalization of the brilliant, a bit like to pass the beggar.

had a dazzling light to illuminate the global Internet money and Energy Star innovation pioneer, forthcoming with his label and shame laggards had to settle their own. A person who makes history is killed by history.

no one thought that YAHOO would be a great start, but no one expected it would be such a tragic ending. But it is sad, almost arrogant from the Internet by day not worth a hair, tragedy, it is only 16 years after.

was once a dream of holding a card company, in the end is how to play their own dead, but also died so miserable?


wasn’t that bad

How did

succeed? It’s a big question about whether or not success can continue.

The successful path of an enterprise

are different, but can be divided into two kinds: one is the ability of the decisive factors of success; two is the right place, karma is an important prerequisite for success.

one of the general rules is that in an industry from scratch, limited competition in the initial outbreak, the success is often greater than the opportunity, the chance is greater than the inevitable. But then go down, increasing competition, industry from there to good, from good to different segments, to continue to be successful or defend successfully, gradually lose the ability and success is directly proportional to the inevitable things will dominate the fate of the players.

rapid rise of YAHOO is a global network of overlord, many people see it equates success with the founding and management team of the brilliant, even think it is inevitable that their ability to create certain YAHOO. But it’s not true, makes YAHOO miracle is more natural and karma, its founder and management team is just lucky to be riding off in these things on people.

The birth of

YAHOO itself is an accident. YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan is not and Filo thoughtful, careful planning and product, but they just found the Internet information island problem, just from their own experience to come up with a solution to the problem, so they do occasionally.

: Yang Zhiyuan and Filo

YAHOO’s decline is actually from the peak of the station