Golden week online purchasing tickets quietly restored gray areas to be standardized

According to

China sound "peak Evening News" reported that before the May Day holiday this year, the railway department has issued an important announcement that, in addition to 12306 this website, not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale and purchasing services, while the non line generation point of sale to the electricity supplier to provide votes. For a while, the number of sites to provide train tickets have to leave. But with the double golden week is coming, some purchase train tickets website quietly purchasing business recovery.

After the

Railway Department issued a crackdown purchase train tickets of the announcement, the Jingdong the major electricity supplier soon canceled the purchase train tickets for such business, but with the advent of the double, the increase in demand, many websites began quietly purchase train tickets.

a site in the home page hit the " the national train tickets online purchasing service " such a slogan, the top right corner of the site is also constantly updated the number of tickets sold. Just 3 hours, the number of tickets sold from the 710 thousand into the 1 million 790 thousand, the business seems very hot.

staff: the current order quantity is relatively large, has been squeezed more than 5 thousand orders, too late to deal with.

reporter in the purchase of two railway ticket hotline, the staff said they can buy tickets to ensure that it is true.

reporter: is this ticket true? What if I can’t get into the station?.


staff: you can rest assured that if the case to buy tickets Tickets, we will give you a English subtitles at the beginning of the E order number, then you with this order number in the country of any train station or outlets are the tickets, because we buy tickets through our cooperation point.

staff: because we have a cooperation between agents, we have them in the middle of the audit.

after the railway sector crackdown, purchasing website business is also doing more difficult, a train ticket purchasing site responsible person said, they are still the main source is to obtain tickets from offline outlets, ticket will be put through the line, a part of sales outlets, and too many people rush tickets, many there is no way to buy the ticket purchasing website to.

responsible person: we are here in a purchasing site, is responsible for purchasing tickets, the way with you my ticket in the railway bureau is the same, but here we are not sure because so purchasing a ticket, then we are the first payment and then to buy, not to buy a refund.

is a website in the home page: special commitment to purchasing services provided by 100% legal outlets, while the railway departments have long line of train ticket agency issued a notice requiring " all outlets shall not in any way (including cooperation, joint venture) to operate their own online sale ticket service, " " once verified will be severely dealt with. ">