Micro the domain name registration 19 9 yuan the linkage of the world of micro perspective

Since the WeChat

products, a variety of micro products in the "micro" products emerge in an endless stream someone special inventory, "micro" brand products have 11, WeChat weixin.qq.com, micro-blog weibo.com, weiyun.com, weishi.com and other micro cloud products emerge in an endless stream.

micro products related to the domain name


can also be seen here, "micro" theme product is very promising, and promising industries or products can catch it with the domain name, the domain name is the heat as can be imagined, has done fast products or will launch products related to how high we can know, check the related domain name, all were sold.

At present,

, domain name investment is the lowest cost profit of the fastest growing industry, and the domain name registration now, prices are very low, such as the Chinese 8 domain registrar linkage of the world www.72e.net domain name registration.Cn is only 19.9 yuan, 29.9 yuan of registered COM domain name, HK domain name registered 78 yuan, the price is the lowest, it is because so, the linkage of the world current domain name ownership of nearly 300 thousand.

micro power brought shock

the micro character of products so fire, it is this "micro" of the word is no personal prestige, regardless of where people can buy things concept, electricity is not idle, such as: mobile O2O product "Twitter Life", formerly known as the "QQ" micro shop "delicacy". Weigou.qq.com, as a Tencent O2O business is another important component, has been incorporated into the WeChat division, while the micro shop also lead the Jingdong of the micro shop, fast WeChat shops and other products. Such a big cake who doesn’t want to cut a piece of


therefore, the domain name and brand experts remind the user, whether you are a hero, "or" micro "micro" fans, focused on "micro" prospects, early injection will be born "micro" products related to the domain name, you can send a.