GJJ type of Web site where to go

      GJJ was successful in the year, a new site like the site, relying on the contribution of IP to enhance the ranking of the site, trendy and exciting, but the rest of the passion is only a near dusk lunch.

      I do not know since when, the type of GJJ a large number of websites on the Internet, is almost a replica of GJJ. This makes me think of that year after the success of the hao123, the web site is overwhelming. Isn’t there always like this? No innovation, see others succeed immediately to copy, others see the article, immediately went to the site of plagiarism. The epidemic, presumably, as long as there is a webmaster should do it, whether business is not operating, casually pull procedures do good acquisition and then put into space to go, perhaps no one hundred years visit.

      GJJ’s success also provoked a flurry of people jealous, to spend money to buy a similar program, or write your own. Some time ago also appeared behind the GJJ program group purchase things, think of that kind of thing is to laugh. This is not like the reality of such items, the group purchase value more than high, but more people buy this program more worthless.

      GJJ is now no longer have the glory of the past, look at the flow of GJJ now, the rest of the past compared to less poor. If the statistics point to open GJJ will find that the former can see detailed statistics, but do not know what time GJJ is not in the open with statistics. If you can see detailed statistics will be found now GJJ lot of traffic is only a few stand over, but mostly the movie station. These stations and GJJ have what relation can make nothing of it.

      GJJ Baidu not included, why not included? May be a part of the reason is that as long as it is a station on the GJJ code can appear in the GJJ page. No matter who K was the station, or soon to be K station, whether it is good or rubbish the station will appear on the same page. Today you may point or a good station, tomorrow will point out with the virus.

      website for who? There is no doubt that certainly is the Internet, we do stand only purpose is to attract users and then through the flow of money in 07 years. The expansion of the information age, Internet users knowledge level is gradually on the rise, have begun to focus on quality rather than quantity of the website.GJJ in the garbage station, also in the.


      then how to develop the kind of GJJ station is it? Or that sentence, I would like to think of the Internet users, do the Internet users. From the Internet users, they come to you this kind of station want to do?