The first nternet domain name registration after 25 years of change

August 28th morning news, according to foreign media reports today, the domain name investment company Investments has bought the Internet’s first registered domain name

computer manufacturer Symbolics registered domain name in March 15, 1985. Although another domain name to create a few months earlier than, but the latter is the first domain name registration process through the domain name. Although the world wide web has not yet been invented, the concept of the Internet has emerged. In fact, the first TCP/IP based wide area network as early as 2 years ago, domain name has begun to operate.

1985, only 6 companies think it is necessary to create a domain name on the root server. In addition to, the other 5 business domain names are,,, and

since nearly 25 years ago, domain name ownership has not changed until recently acquired by Investments. The company did not disclose the price of the acquisition of the domain name.

The acquisition of the domain marks the end of an era. Symbolics is a spin off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the company, the main design and manufacture of Lisp computer. Lisp is a single user computer and optimized for the Lisp programming language. The product then became the first commercially available general-purpose computer and workstation".

began in the late 80s, Symbolics began to decline, and gradually bankrupt. The company is still there, but only an empty shell. Outside of the acquisition of Investments little known, the company will usher in 25 birthday next year. It is not clear where the domain name will be used in the future.