YY philosophy of survival not too high value added services as a booster


1 years ago to play YY company CEO Li Xueling said at a conference on the YY speech growth story, said the product is not mature to low-key, give yourself a lifetime, until they grow. He also suggested that entrepreneurs, when the product is not ripe to give a longer period of survival, do not be too high-profile opponents eyeing.

now play YY company submitted the prospectus, earnings for the first time exposure, the industry immediately noticed the house deliberately low-key company, and for the rapid growth of the speed are amazing: YY registered users reached 400 million, the three quarter profit in the latest quarter net income of 188 million yuan, an increase of 163%.

not only play YY more to get rid of the early commercial single mode, the realization of the game, advertising, YY music, multi legged walking. Among them, YY music, YY education and other value-added services is the rapid growth of magic, the rapid growth. On the contrary, the early advertising revenue has been marginalized, accounting for less than 20% of revenue.

The rapid development of

YY speech enhancement for lofty ideals and high aspirations YY team, Li Xueling once boasted: YY is Chinese few have global potential products, certainly have the opportunity to the United States market development, but this is only a matter of time.

YY music A new force suddenly rises. first half revenue 90 million

maybe some people don’t know YY music. According to the prospectus, YY music for grassroots singer, celebrities and professional performers to provide real-time performance stage, offers many activities including karaoke singing contest, and friends. With YY voice, YY support and organize large-scale online music activities, such as fans online meetings, singers meet.


although there has been a competitive relationship with Tencent, YY music in the business model to learn a lot from Tencent. YY voice users pay a monthly fee and participate in the VIP service can get membership privileges, including the use of extra video traffic beta channel, priority access to some real-time live performances, VIP members of the exclusive picture, ringtones, font and expression. From March 2011 onwards, users can also buy virtual gifts and give to the performers to show support.

this kind of value-added service model to the user quickly led to the growth of YY music revenue. Results showed that YY music single quarter revenue reached 58 million 960 thousand yuan, compared with the previous quarter, 33 million 760 thousand yuan in 75%, an even more than 500% growth, rising YY music rocket makes its revenue topped after online advertising, online game revenue.

In charge of

, YY music did not stop, YY voice development plan more members’ rights, to attract more users to join the ranks of members of VIP, a member of this mode once the successful promotion also means that this business will further rapid development. >