Google why is defeated again

      want to say today is actually very simple, that is what what is the real localization, what kind of things have a market, this looks very simple, before I also talked about is not simply English for Chinese, even reached the localization, localization is the basis of respect the user’s habits, the following with Baidu and Google; eBay and Taobao; Yahoo and SOHU English compared to illustrate the problem.

      first with Yahoo and SOHU English said to portal, although Yahoo in Chinese influence is not how, but in other countries with a great reputation and put aside the management idea, some differences, single page design said directly affect the user experience, English Yahoo and SOHU have great differences. This difference is caused by different user groups, this property contains many aspects, such as the Internet, form the habit of reading comprehension of the network, and so on, even with huge differences between Chinese characters and words English Chinese. The designer I said this, Chinese characters have ups and downs, deformation is also difficult, if placed in a simple line that the entire layout is boring, on the contrary, the lack of fun, English strewn at random is easy to express the interest between the lines.

      in fact, foreign users far longer than China users, so they understand the network than China users pay attention to the deep, deep is limited, and only represent the average population of the Internet, do not represent the specific population. The understanding of the network determines the user can accept the network expression. For example: all the news SOHU are underlined, this is because when people enter the network in the field of Internet users on the network, understanding is not deep enough, and the underline is here prompts users can click on the. But in fact, this design makes the already crowded pages look cluttered, but decided that the nature of the Internet, China network can not go beyond the era, it must be underlined, even if the SOHU is revised only respect the needs of users.

      Yahoo and English is not the same, we can see the new face of English Yahoo, completely abolished the underlined set, because these users do not even know where that can be clicked, but this way on China is not suitable, any design is not beyond in the era of.

      look at the layout, China portals have love put all the content placed on the home page, this is due to the limitations of the times, because the network has just entered the China when the Chinese network is not mature, many people think network is bigger and faster. Money, market, are very impetuous, so in the design.