WordPress to do the mother tongue of the nternet


"will come true one day, isn’t it?" said Schneider, chief executive officer of peacekeeping, and how to make use of WordPress.

(Matt Mullenweg) contact Mourinho lunwei blog, or Houston, a 19 year old university of the first grade students. He explained that his personal website Photomatt.net continues to develop, the need for more powerful publishing tools to replace the one he liked, but has been forgotten by the market open source publishing tool b2. "If you can develop a set of Movable Type, the flexibility of the TextPattern grammar analysis function, B2 expansion and Blogger easy integration in the software." He enumerated the characteristics of the popular blog tools said, "one day it will happen, right?"

realize the dream of the day is January 24, 2003. Although this is Field (Cyrus Field) issued the first Trans the Atlantic Telegraph and WestingHouse (George Westinghouse) in Chicago Columbo Memorial electric switch can not be compared to launch Expo, but Mourinho lunwei finally created their own history. He quickly decided to develop online publishing tools WordPress. , a senior software development engineer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Schneider (Toni Schneider) co founded Automattic in San Francisco, the company’s chief executive officer. Today, the company’s flagship product WordPress has developed into a network of common language, is the world’s leading blog platform.

today, WordPress supports the 1/6 site on the Internet, about 60 million sites, but also added a new daily 100 thousand. These sites run with cloud storage services, attracting 330 million visitors a month to browse the contents of the 3 billion 400 million page.

Automattic enterprise edition software WordPress VIP, has become a major media companies (including Forbes.com) preferred network publishing tools. For most of these media companies, the WordPress, VIP, which is standard, easy to use, and compatible with multimedia content, is a blessing after a cumbersome, expensive, and less functional content management system.

WordPress in such a large market share, the 28 year old Muslim lunwei has not yet become a billionaire seems justified. Since its inception in 2005, Automattic will focus on the scale rather than profit, most of the software is free. WordPress.com users pay only 1%. In addition, the independent development of the software and run the server’s open source version of WordPress.or>