The low rate of return does not guarantee the banking P2P platform to increase trust and substantive


low rate of return does not guarantee the banking P2P platform to increase trust and substantive investigation

Huaxia Bank P2P platform is being built, will be launched in the near future, will learn and study the practice of China Merchants bank." 20, the general manager of Huaxia Bank SME credit department Lu Xiaoqun told reporters on twenty-first Century economic news.

Huaxia Bank responsible person believes that to truly ease the financing of small and micro enterprises expensive, or should rely on banks as the main channel, P2P is undoubtedly one way.

last year except for China Merchants Bank in its official website on-line platform for small business E home e+ stable financing projects, CDB and other bank also has a number of areas involved in P2P.

inventory of Bank of P2P, divided into bank self P2P platform, new investment shares by a subsidiary of P2P company independent and direct bank and third party joint venture independent new P2P company. Although there are different forms, but there is a common feature is that the yield is much lower than the average level of P2P industry.

in China Merchants Bank as an example, its products are expected annual interest rate only at a level of about 5.8%. CDB and a subsidiary of the state-owned enterprises in Jiangsu province cooperation to open Xin loan slightly higher, also between 8-11%. Compared with the current P2P industry more than 20% annual interest rate, the yield is significantly lower.

revenue is low, then it means that the risk should be very low? But the merchants bank products expressly provide guarantees of principal and interest, but there are signs of a "letter" behind the product, the official explanation for the project financing holdings of outstanding accounts receivable, the account receivable has been awarded the certificate in the form of bank, maturity promise of payment.

bank can be expressed in terms of a professional, but investors have to understand clearly. To this end, the reporter and the bank’s internal staff, customer service managers, peer consultation investigation.

L / C carried out P2P?

built in China Merchants Bank’s small business E home platform as an example, notable feature is the low income investors (about 5.8%), the bank does not provide the principal and interest guarantee, at the same time can advance the recovery of principal.

September 17, 2013, China Merchants Bank launched a project called e+ robust financing project P2P loans, the period of about half a year, investors can project lending, the minimum investment starting point of 10 thousand yuan. General P2P platform project financing amount between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the amount of financing is single bank products in 500 thousand to 50 million.

from its recently launched 8 projects, the expected annual yield of between 5.6%-5.95%, maturity debt service. Currently about 6 months of financial products expected annual yield is between 5%~6%. Most of the financing purposes for the property rental, daily operating funds, procurement funds, the general description. < >