When the nternet into a large resource competition stage bitter or people

said the world trend, long, long time. The bitter war between the two countries, are always the people, the Internet resources of the mixed force war battle, bitter or user.

case 1: online video have copyright

in order to support its video mango TV, Hunan satellite TV today determined to limit the new media. Lv Huanbin said in a statement: "in the future, Hunan satellite TV has made a complete program of intellectual property, will only broadcast from" Mango TV "in Internet copyright never distribution, to build their own Internet video platform."

long before, "I am a singer", "The Voice of China", "Dad where to go", "Kangxi" and other entertainment programs have been staged drama broadcast only to grab resources, which video website is not to earn gourd full of pots, now increasingly won the only broadcast the sweetness, in addition to Hunan TV, do not know entertainment also done fast Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV and so on will also keep up with the pace of


2014 large-scale net activity has prompted many U.S. drama off the shelf, and of course many of them are mostly due to copyright problems temporarily "death", recently, Hunan satellite TV has refused to broadcast, CCTV is no longer open right to broadcast the world cup, the whole world is far more than the network video, the video seems to be competing for resources. The user is only, and bitter ah.

has nothing to do with the copyright, the user wants to get only convenient resources from the video, the network video industry competition for resources, but the action of the user. As for the video site will go way out after about a special emeitt direction, whether it is Baidu or Ali bet, no sites can easily make high Daquan, users go to sleep, see this trend, after watching the World Cup match must run back to the new front of the TV, watching different show must choose different video website, probably by browser search than download the player a lot of convenience.

Case two:

search Baidu and Qihoo 360 against

search Baidu in 360 browser you can get the first message is:




on the tiger?


well, there is a competition between rival is normal, the time of search resources, put their emphasis on the subjective ranking is normal increase, out of the door to buy fruits the boss think is normal to bad fruit blended with "weight" sell. Enron wants to say, when people increasingly understand the meaning of "profit", is not lost something more important?

case three: the Internet that gentle hand move

earlier this year at the Internet is more powerful "oligarchs" symptoms, everyone seems very afraid of oligopoly, so have the good fight scene, but forget about another scene: when the giants to join the same.