Electricity supplier data war behind the interests of disputes touch the most sensitive nerve

a ripple, a "price" data touched the most sensitive nerve electricity providers, Jingdong (micro-blog) and Taobao mall system "war" again. Yesterday, according to Alibaba (micro-blog) claims of "Jingdong mall early in October last year, prices rose more than 15% of the data report Amoy network released its a Jingdong, said prices may not refer to the mall, a Dutch act behavior; strangely, along with the Jingdong mall price war Dangdang net was with Jingdong (micro-blog) standing in the same camp. A data report caused by the corporate war has exceeded its own significance, and behind the interests of the data is more intriguing.

Jingdong staged a scouring new year opener

the first week, e-commerce enterprises started to slobber war. According to a statistics at Amoy network Jingdong after the price led, Jingdong mall yesterday issued a statement accusing a positive "purely fabricated", and considered as "Ali" Amoy network by the data on Tmall (formerly Taobao mall) competitors suspect. At the same time, the Jingdong at the Department of Taobao big mall "smuggled goods", hope to concentrate on Ali platform, a large number of fake smuggled goods cleared up.

both sides of the war is the first day of the battle of the tongue of a scouring network high-profile release of the fourth quarter of 2011 the whole network B2C merchant commodity price index. Mentioned in the report, after entering the fourth quarter, the domestic B2C market commodity prices showed a significant upward trend, the growth rate of online retail prices slightly higher than the same period CPI. With particular reference to more than 15% Jingdong mall at the beginning of the October price increase, 3C products rose as high as 20%.

yesterday, the Jingdong issued a mall "on the so-called B2C Amoy price monitoring statement", said a scouring network data content "is the evil behavior completely unfounded, unfounded, Jingdong is not it is absolutely impossible to price 15%, it is Dutch act behavior". At the same time, Jingdong mall in a statement questioned a Amoy network as a member of the Ali Department of electricity supplier, the report published in the absence of a report involving competitors.

and a scouring network is also the first time to respond to this call, all the data were "from the 5000 shopping website price information included grab" price monitoring system, from the human factors.

, however, Jingdong and a wash of saliva battle is just the beginning of this round of electricity supplier melee.

price increases, said the electricity supplier touched nerves

Jingdong mall and a network of mutual accusations, on the micro-blog platform, a stone stirred waves. Including dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog), the electricity supplier chiefs have stand, forming the pattern quite distinct from each other. One is the "Ali" from Taobao Union, Alipay (micro-blog) responsible for the maintenance of a wash, the other side is B2C behind the enterprise Jingdong. Insiders say, "this proves the" enemy of my enemy is my friend "this sentence".

Li Guoqing and old friends Jingdong ShangCheng Railway Station to